Why Most Landscapes in Phoenix Need an Automatic Fertilization System

So… the weather is getting nicer, you’ve turned your irrigation system on and things are working fine. You’ve set the water schedule for typical spring settings, then summer settings, and as time moves on your plants and trees just don’t look great. Things should be budding out, growing new leaves, greening up and growing like crazy. But as you look around, things still look a little sad. There’s not as much new growth as there’s been in the past. Psst… Spoiler Alert an Automatic Fertilization System could be needed.

Automatic Fertilization System Phoenix AZ

Some of your prettiest plants don’t have flowers on them yet. Some things look a little pale and even slightly droopy. New plants are struggling and really not growing at all. Then it occurs to you…more water! You increase the water schedule. And then increase it again. And still, things are not doing well. Then you think, there must be something wrong here. Maybe the system isn’t working right. I better have it checked out.

That’s a very good idea, as all home owners should have their irrigation system checked before hot summer weather arrives. A spring or early summer sprinkler tune-up is a smart move and can catch problems you’re not aware of, saving you money on your water bill. However, as we’re going through your system zone by zone, we’re not finding any major problems. Your irrigation system is in good shape and it’s functioning properly. So, you ask the big question…why does my landscaping look bad?

The Answer is Simple: You Need Fertilizer!

Automatic Fertilization System Makes Lush Flowers

Arizona “soil” is not like good, Midwest soil. It’s mostly sand and rock with some caliche mixed in for good measure. The soil drains fast and precious nutrients are easily lost. Those nutrients need to be replenished regularly for things to look healthy, green up, grow and flower, fight diseases and pests, and look their best. When landscaping doesn’t look it’s best, most people’s instinct is to give it more water, more water and more water. And that’s not always the solution to the problem. Most folks don’t realize they can kill just as many plants and trees from over-watering as they can from lack of water in the blazing hot summer.

Nurseries often recommend fertilizing your plants and trees a minimum of once a month starting in spring (March), going through the summer, and then stopping in fall (October). They will sell you bags and jugs of fertilizer you’ll have to manually mix, spread, spray, etc. on every single plant and tree on your property. Personally, on our own property, we’ve had the best results (lots of dark green, healthy growth and tons of flowers) when we fertilized once a week. That’s a lot of work if you’re going to do that by hand every single week or even every single month for 8 months. Do you have the time?

Most people don’t have the time required for all that extra work. And even if they do, they fertilize incorrectly. The number one mistake home owners make is sprinkling dry fertilizer pellets right on the ground at the base of plants or trees. Those undiluted pellets are so concentrated, they will burn the plant long before they dissolve and are properly mixed into the soil. This could cause serious damage. Plants suffering from fertilizer burn will look sickly, yellow, brown, droopy and will not grow at all. Some homeowners count on their landscapers to fertilize. However, landscapers often do the same thing (fertilize incorrectly) in an effort to speed on to the next customer.

automatic fertilization system Phoenix

If you want your landscaping to look it’s very best, save time on your precious weekends, and make sure the job is done correctly without harming your plants and trees, then an automatic fertilization system is for you. An automatic fertilization system is tapped directly into your irrigation system. It’s designed to give your plants and trees micro doses of nutrients every time you water without you having to guess, worry or work hard. Simply fill the fertilization tank periodically and the system does the work for you.

Soon, all of your plants and trees are springing back to life. Leaves look dark green and healthy, new growth provides shade and flowers are blooming, looking beautiful. Plants and trees are fighting off pests and diseases, so there aren’t any dead plants to dig up and replace.

Automatic Fertilization System = Your landscaping is thriving!

We can install your automatic fertilization system and get your landscaping back on track. To get your irrigation system in tip-top shape, get an estimate on an automatic fertilization system or get advice about your landscaping, give the expert irrigation techs at D&L Sprinkler Service a call at 602-329-3396.

Dennis Lee is the owner/operator of D&L Sprinkler Service here in Phoenix which services customers Valley wide. His friendly staff is available Monday through Saturday or visit them at www.dandlsprinklerservice.com.